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The most reliable high quality fire apparatus in the world is now available for industrial fire fighting in both Aerial and Pumper configurations. Sutphen skilled craftsmen hand build every chassis and apparatus in our own facilities. Because we do it all, we can customize any apparatus to your unique requirements and specifications.

Sutphen apparatus feature National Foam Servo Command Foam Systems. Coupled with Sutphen technology we go “All Out” to provide the most durable high-perfomance foam delivery apparatus the industry has to offer.

Petrocemical and Industrial Aerial 110:
The New Sutphen Industrial Aerial 110 delivers more gallons per minute. Sutphen Petrochemical and Industrial apparatus are raising the bar for high-flow, high-elevation, foam streams delivering up to 3000 gpm at 110′ of aerial elevation from draft and up to 4000 gpm at 100′ of elevation with a pressurized water source – a feat unmatched by any other.

Petrochemical and Industrial Pumper:
Our latest edition, state-of-the-art pumper is available in a multitude of configurations such as aluminum or stainless steel body, top or side-mount pump operation, and 6 to 10 man cabs. Available with pump outputs from 1500 to 5000 gpm.

The Sutphen Industrial Pumper is designed specifically for the rigors of industrial and petrochemical firefighting. Sutphen engineers and design team are ready to custom build the apparatus that is right for your needs. For the very latest in industrial and petrochemical technology, your choice should be Sutphen.

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